How to Pair an iPhone with Standard SYNC


  1. Turn on vehicle.
  2. Hit the Phone button on the dash (phone icon by Menu).
  3. The dash will first display “Phone”, and then will switch to “Phone Menu or Phone Redial”. At this point, use the up/down arrows near the CD slot until “Sys Settings” displays.
  4. Click “Ok” (Preset 6 Button)
  5. Hit “Ok” again when the dash displays “BT Devices”.
  6. Hit “Ok” once more when the dash displays “Add Device”.
  7. At this point, turn your iPhone on and click on Settings (ß iPhone Settings Button).
  8. Go to “Bluetooth”.
  9. Make sure the switch is to “On.”
  10. Back on the car, the display should say “Find SYNC.” Click “OK”.
  11. At this point, look back at your iPhone display. Underneath Bluetooth, a device listed as Handsfree or SYNC should show up. Click on it.
  12. Enter the PIN number on your phone that your car displays.
  13. The phone should connect. Your car display will ask you several questions such as “Primary Phone [Do you want this mobile phone to be the first one to connect to the car when both phones are present]?” and “Phonebook Download?”. On both questions, click “OK” first, and then choose Yes or No by using the arrow buttons up by the CD slot.