Fun Games For Road Trips

Got a bunch of kids in the back of your car that need some entertainment? Well, here are some games you can play to keep them busy!

Cow Counting – This is a fun game for driving through the country with nothing to look at but cows. Have the kids count cows on their side of the car. If they should happen to pass a cemetery on their side, they have to start over. The side with the most cows at the end of the trip wins! This game can even be played in busier areas with things like phone booths or gas stations, or whatever you choose.

The Grocery Game – One person starts this game by saying the name of a grocery that starts with the letter “a”, like “apple.” The next person much repeat this word, and then say the name of a grocery that starts with the letter “b”, so they would say something like “apple, banana.” The next person then must say both of these words, and add a “c” word. This process continues through the alphabet. If someone messes up or forgets, they’re out, until one person with an awesome memory is left standing as the winner!

License Plate Lingo – You can use the license plates from the cars around you to entertain your children. Have the kids come up with a phrase using the letters on the license plates. For example, if the letters are EIC, you might say, “Eat Ice Cream.” This game can get silly and fun!

Who am I? – In this game, you give clues about somebody that you and your children know. Give clues like their gender, height, job, etc. Give each kid a guess, and if no one gets it, just continue giving clues. This is good for short and long trips!

These are just a few games to play in the car with your children. Click here for a longer list of ideas. Have fun on your future road trips!