How to Pair an iPhone to the MyFordTouch System

Need to re-add your phone to the system or add a second? Follow the simple steps below, and you’ll be up and going in no time! 

–          On your MyFordTouch Homescreen, click the top left corner to access the “Phone” area. Once there, click on “Settings”. 

–          Click on “Bluetooth Devices”. On this screen, you should see “Add Device” on the right-hand menu. Click here.

–          On your iPhone, go to Settings.

–          Choose Bluetooth (Make Sure It Is On).

–          Because you have already chosen “Add Phone” on your vehicle, your phone should automatically search for devices when you are on the Bluetooth page. Once SYNC appears in the list of devices, click on it.

–          Make sure that the PIN number displayed on the MyFordTouch screen is the same on the phone. If so, choose “Pair” on phone, and “Yes” on MyFordTouch screen.

–          The phone should automatically pair.

–          Remember to set 911 Assist to ON, DO choose automatic phonebook download, and OK to the voicemail number. 

–          You’re all set! 


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