How to Use Ford Services Navigation with SYNC


  • Make sure your car is turned on, and your cell phone is in the car and turned on.
  • Hit the Voice Activation Button (The Yelling Man Icon on the Steering Wheel)
  • After the tone, say “Services”. [During this process, do not use your phone or turn it off until step # 9].
  • After the system connects, wait until the tone. (The operator will greet you with a monologue along the lines of, “Welcome to SYNC Services…”. When she finishes talking, you will hear the tone).
  • Say- “Directions”
  • Follow the operator’s instructions. After the tone, say the city and state of the address you are trying to drive to. When you’re finished, the operator will repeat what you said.
  • Next, say the street address you want to navigate to. The operator will ask you if this is correct. If yes, say “Yes”. If it’s not the correct address, say “No”, and the process will start over.
  • After saying, “Yes”, the system will download directions to your vehicle. This may take a few minutes.
  • When the directions are downloaded onto your vehicle, the operator will let you know that the download is “complete” and that you can use your phone again.
  • If you click on the top right corner of your dash screen (the green corner), you will see the directions. You can click on “Show turn by turn list” to see the directions, and you will also have an operator’s voice guiding you as you drive. Additionally, if you want to cancel the directions at any time, simply click “Cancel Route” on this screen.

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