How to Perform a Master Reset with a Paired iPhone

Step 1: Remove Phone From Vehicle System

–          Start your vehicle. Once the MyFordTouch screen opens, click the top left corner to access your phone options.

–          Choose “Settings”.

–          Choose “Bluetooth Devices”.

–          Click on your phone in the list (must be highlighted), and choose “Delete” from the menu on the right.

–          Click “Yes” when prompted to remove.

Step 2: Remove Vehicle System from Phone

–          On your iPhone, go to Settings.

–          Click Bluetooth.

–          You should see “SYNC” on a list of devices in this menu. Click the little blue arrow to the right of SYNC.

–          Choose “Forget this Device”

Step 3: Reset Vehicle System

–          **If you have radio/Sirius presets, you should write them down now. As soon as we reset the system, you will lost your presets.**

–          On the MyFordTouch screen, click the Settings Tab at the bottom (Looks like 2 Gears).

–          Under Settings, choose “Settings”.

–          Choose “System”.

–          Scroll down and click “Master Reset”. Select YES when prompted if you mean it for real. **If you have a navigation system, REMOVE your SD card from the slot before resetting the system.**

–          This process will take several minutes. When it is finished, your screen should go black. Again, after a few minutes, the SYNC logo should show up with “Performing Scheduled Maintenance”. However, if the screen remains black for more than 6-7 minutes, simply turn your vehicle off, open and close the driver’s door, and turn the vehicle back on. After a few seconds, this “Performing Scheduled Maintenance” screen will appear. Wait for the MyFordTouch system to boot back up, and voila!

Step 4: Soft-Reset iPhone

–          In order to soft-reset your iPhone, simply hold the power button and navigation (circular button) down at the same time until the screen goes black and is replaced by the Apple logo. Your system will reset automatically from here.

Step 5: Re-Pair Your Phone

–          Once your MyFordTouch system is back up and running, choose “Add Phone” from the top left corner of the homescreen.

–          On iPhone, go to Settings.

–          Choose Bluetooth (Make Sure It Is On).

–          Because you have already chosen “Add Phone” on your vehicle, your phone should automatically search for devices when you are on the Bluetooth page. Once SYNC appears in the list of devices, click on it.

–          Make sure that the PIN number displayed on the MyFordTouch screen is the same on the phone. If so, choose “Pair” on phone, and “Yes” on MyFordTouch screen.

–          The phone should automatically pair.

–          Remember to set 911 Assist to ON, say YES to an automatic phonebook download, and OK to the voicemail number.

–          You’re all set! **If you removed a navigation SD card earlier in the process, it is now safe to pop it back in.**



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