How to Perform a Master Reset With a Paired Android Phone



Step 1: Remove Phone From Vehicle System

–          Start your vehicle. Once the MyFordTouch screen opens, click the top left corner to access your phone options.

–          Choose “Settings”.

–          Choose “Bluetooth Devices”.

–          Click on your phone in the list (must be highlighted), and choose “Delete” from the menu on the right.

–          Click “Yes” when prompted to remove.

Step 2: Remove Vehicle System from Phone

–          On your Droid, go to Settings.

–          Click Wireless and Networks.

–          Under Bluetooth, you should see “SYNC” on a list of devices in this menu.  Choose “Forget This Device” or “Delete Device”.

Step 3: Reset Vehicle System

–          **If you have radio/Sirius presets, you should write them down now. As soon as we reset the system, you will lost your presets.**

–          On the MyFordTouch screen, click the Settings Tab at the bottom (Looks like 2 Gears).

–          Under Settings, choose “Settings”.

–          Choose “System”.

–          Scroll down and click “Master Reset”. Select YES when prompted if you mean it for real. **If you have a navigation system, REMOVE your SD card from the slot before resetting the system.**

–          This process will take several minutes. When it is finished, your screen should go black. Again, after a few minutes, the SYNC logo should show up with “Performing Scheduled Maintenance”. However, if the screen remains black for more than 6-7 minutes, simply turn your vehicle off, open and close the driver’s door, and turn the vehicle back on. After a few seconds, this “Performing Scheduled Maintenance” screen will appear. Wait for the MyFordTouch system to boot back up, and voila!

Step 4: Soft-Reset Droid

–          Press and hold the Power and Volume Down buttons together for 10 seconds and the phone should go black & then display the Red “M” logo.

–          Wait about 10 seconds and then press and hold the Power button again to restart.

Step 5: Re-Pair Your Phone

–          Once your MyFordTouch system is back up and running, choose “Add Phone” from the top left corner of the homescreen.

–          On Android, go to Settings.

–          Choose Wireless and Networks

–          Select Bluetooth Settings and turn on your Bluetooth.

–          Click “Scan for Devices” to search for SYNC. Once you see SYNC and select it/enter in the PIN displayed, click “OK’. Some Android devices time out rather quickly, so make sure you enter the PIN (or accept the PIN) quickly.

–          Remember to set 911 Assist to ON, say YES to an automatic phonebook download, and OK to the voicemail number.

–          You’re all set! **If you removed a navigation SD card earlier in the process, it is now safe to pop it back in.**


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