How to Pair an Android Phone to MyFordTouch

  • Go to Phone Menu by touching upper left corner of MyFordTouch screen.
  • From here, press “Settings.”
  • Proceed to “Bluetooth Devices.”
  • If there are any previously paired devices set up on the vehicle, they can be found here. You can delete any phone that may be listed simply by clicking on the phone and pressing the “Delete” button on the right. If there are no devices you want to delete, simply select “Add Device.”
  • This will bring up your 6-digit PIN that you’ll enter on your phone. (Some updated version of SYNC may only ask that you confirm that the PIN number on your phone matches the one displayed on the screen. Either way, follow through. :D)
  • On your Droid, locate your Settings.
  • Go to Wireless and Networks.
  • Go to Bluetooth Settings and turn your Bluetooth on.
  • Click “Scan for Devices” to search for SYNC. Once you see SYNC, select it, enter in the PIN displayed, and click, “OK”. (Again, some updated versions may only require that you confirm that the PIN displayed matches the PIN on your phone screen).
  • Some Androids time out quickly, so be sure to go through the PIN steps as quickly as possible.

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